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Blowing The Walls Off The Joint- AwesomeCon!

In record numbers, people were blown away to see Odyssey at an AwesomeCon! We'll be back next year with brand new experiences-

With AwesomeCon 2019 in the books, we can officially close a whirlwind of a weekend. After 5 days, tons of people through the game, and a lot of work, it was great to see the event come together and give everyone the chance to show off their nerdy sides. AwesomeCon had amazing exhibits and attractions all around, from the tech side of the FutureCon robots to the pro-level Batman costumes (pictured below), it had something for everyone.

We spent a while geeking out on the Bat-suits...

Another great part of AwesomeCon was getting to officially debut our Photo Booth, giving game players the ability to take a picture following their (hopefully!) successful run through the experience. People have loved it at the MD Chicken Wing Fest and at AwesomeCon, so expect to see that coming with and adding to your experience wherever we go. It also gives the opportunity to specifically brand the front of the booth with event-specific things... so stay tuned!

But far and away, the best part of AwesomeCon is the con-goers: you ladies and lords. The excellent costumes, energy, and passion at the convention were bursting at the seams. So the convention puts it on, but you guys make it happen. Thanks to everyone for sharing it with us!

Last of all, I wanted to share our picture gallery for anyone who wasn't able to receive their picture from our Photo Booth.


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