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Conventions- The Next Frontier

Conventions: They keep popping up all over the place for every different interest, and they seem to get bigger and more prominent each year.

Because 'Cons' are shooting through the stratosphere, event runners are hustling to keep every niche filled, and the classic Cons continue to grow at a quick pace. KatsuCon 2019 boasted over 20,000 consumers going through their doors despite cracking the 1,000 plateau barely 15 years ago- and they are still growing! AwesomeCon- coming later this month- is one of the biggest Cons on the east coast, and boasts swag including everything from comic books to, well, Odyssey Mobile Escape Rooms (shameless plug here)!

How long they will continue to grow, no one knows. As consumers realize there is something filling the niche that they are passionate about (My Little Pony has a convention- I'm not making this up! We'll see you next year, BronyCon!), they flock to these to express that love for the cultural, spiritual, or material niches that they've never had the avenue to do so for.

And we're going with the flow: Odyssey Mobile Escape Rooms is making it a habit of testing out and adapting to convention-goers interests. We're changing our games to be something more hospitable to you, Con-goer, and we're always interested in your feedback to make our next game the best one yet.

Whether you're a old regular at AwesomeCon, PAX East, or an upstart convention from your local town, we're happy to see you getting to explore it with fans just like you.

And we'll keep a spot open for you- wherever that may be.

Odyssey will be exhibiting at AwesomeCon April 26-28. Come check us out!


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