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Here's To 2020- Axes To The Sky!

2019 was crazy in a lot of ways, but here at Odyssey we're meeting 2020 head on. With new Escape Rooms (including a new version- stay tuned!) and Axe Throwing Experiences, we're putting out what people want- fun, immersive, and BRAND NEW experiences.

With that said, let me introduce our Axe Throwing Experience.

We are excited to have this bad boy out to fairs, breweries, and much, much more. We are planning an 'unveiling' day once it warms up, so stay tuned for how you can come throw some axes, enjoy some great company, and (hopefully) the warm-ish weather!

Fully decked out with lighting, some serious speakers for the tunes, and our own special "Bullseye Button" which gives that warm, fuzzy feeling of confirming for everyone standing around that you have hit the the Bullseye, this game is a ton of fun.

We've got a grand opening throw day planned for when it's a little warmer out. Stay Tuned!


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