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Make this years business event fun, unique, and memorable with a mobile escape room!

Planing the employee appreciation party? Company picnic? Or maybe a team building event? Take your ideas to the next level with a mobile escape room from Odyssey!

You may have heard of an escape room before, maybe even played one yourself! Escape rooms are a great way to have some fun while working together as a team to solve riddles and puzzles to escape the room. The popularity of escape rooms has been exploding in the past few years and now you can have one at your event!

A mobile escape room is a new way to play!

Getting the whole company together to meet up at a traditional escape room is a logistics nightmare! Let us help you by bringing the game to you! Our escape rooms roll up to your event ready to entertain your guests. Our escape games can accommodate large groups of people so we can fit everyone in over the course of the event.

Natural team building!

An escape room is the perfect way to get employees to participate in team building activities because they don't feel like team building. Traditionally, team building exercises feel... forced. In an escape room, people get to take on different roles as they try to solve puzzles as a team. Communication and teamwork occur naturally and while having FUN!

A Unique and memorable experience.

You never forget the first time you play an escape room. The sights and sounds, the challenge of the game. The fun and unforgettable experience. Having a mobile escape room at your company outing, picnic, or employee appreciation party will be sure to create a buzz that people will be talking about on Monday!

Have an event that you want a mobile escape room at, or want more information ? Let us know below!


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