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 Odyssey's Mobile Rage Room is exactly what your event is looking for! Get some of that rage and stress out in a productive way. We offer a Safe, Productive and FUN method to blow off some steam for you to rent. 


Odyssey has one of our Rage Professionals on site at all times to ensure the safety of everyone involved, and everything is SMASHED in our completely enclosed trailer. Want a social experience? Our Rage Room has large windows along the sides and full visibility from the back so everyone gets to watch! 

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Odyssey now offers our SMASHING Plates Rage Room for Colleges,


Festivals, and Fairs:

  • Write your stressors (work, the pandemic, etc.) on our plates

  • SMASH them into the another world on our targets- or anywhere!

  • Plates, Markers, Rage Room, Smashing Coach All include

  • A cathartic opportunity to take videos or Boomerangs and share on social media

  • [SMASHING Plates players only require the helmet to engage]

We go above and beyond to ensure the safety of our game players. ​PPE (Personal protective equipment) is provided to everyone playing-

  •  Helmets with covering face shield

  • Full-body coveralls 

  • Reinforced boots

  • Protective gloves (ANSI 2016 Cut Protection: A7)

Mobile Rage Room Trailer Rental

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