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About Us

Odyssey Mobile Adventures is the best in the business of Mobile Entertainment, but there's a MAJOR reason why we're at the top of our game: Our Staff.

The employees are more than just Axe experts, Archery aficionados, and Paint pro's- they're the cream of the crop when it comes to making your guests, family members, and patrons get the absolute best experience. From hands-on training, insightful help with the activity, and the best safety in the game, we're proud to offer you the best pro's in the business.  

Our History

In 2016, Odyssey broke ground on our first Mobile Escape Room. 8 years later, Odyssey Mobile Adventures is one of the industry leaders taking mobile experiences into the next generation. We build everything in house, which means that we have integral experience 

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with not only running each game, but also intimate knowledge of how to provide your event with the most action packed, fun time possible. 


In 2020, we added our Axe Throwing units and turned our attention to a broader range of experiences. We also added team members like Grace Hammett, one of our instructors to this day! At fairs & festivals, we brought smiles to the faces of everyone who wanted to play our games, and we continued to excel at private events all around the DC/Baltimore areas.


2022, '23 & '24 have seen us continue to add to our offerings- we now offer a fleet of trailers and similar experiences from Rage Rooms to Photo Booths to Racing Sims to offer even more options. But most importantly, our team has continued to grow. We're very proud of what the company has become, and even more excited about what we're looking to offer in the near future!


The Team

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Ryan D'Ambrosio

Ryan is the best in the biz- Between teaching you to throw an Axe and creating our new attractions, he's always on his A-game making sure that you get the best experience possible. His favorite 'Trick Shot' is behind-the-back, and he's the snazziest dresser Odyssey has to offer!

Matt Handrick

Matt is Odyssey's Event POC and the the resident expert on Archery, Racing Sims, and  (he claims) Golf Simulators. His goal at every event is to get everyone involved in the experience. His favorite 'Trick Shot' is one over hand, one underhand throw, and his goal in life is to teach the Odyssey pup Annie to throw an Axe.

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The Goose

Annie is the company's 'real' mascot according to her. 

Grace Hammett

Grace is our Event Manager, and she is on her game when she's making kids happy showing them how to safely throw, shoot, or play our games. Her favorite 'Trick Shot' is the backhanded toss, and when she's not busy with the Rage Room, ask her about her mushrooms delicacies she grows! 

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