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3 Reasons Your Next Event Needs A Mobile Escape Room!

That's right! For the first time you can have a mobile escape room at your event! Odyssey Mobile Escape Rooms is the DMV region's premier escape experience on wheels (yes, we come to you!). A unique experience that is fun, challenging, and memorable for all your special occasions! Escape before time runs out by using teamwork to solve clues and puzzles. Our mobile escape rooms are perfect for weddings, festivals, conventions, graduations, team building, business events- you name it, we're there! Here are 3 reasons your next event needs a mobile escape room.

1. A mobile escape room is a NEW way to play.

When you mention escape rooms, most people think of a physical location where you get a dozen people together and get stuck in a room for an hour! Although traditional escape rooms are fun, this wouldn't work at a events with lots of guests! Odyssey Mobile Escape Rooms has solved this problem by making the escape room mobile. It has wheels, so the fun comes to you. Our mobile escape rooms are incredibly immersive, they will transport you to another world, right at the convenience of your event! The games are shorter, 5 - 15 minutes, so your guests can experience the thrill of an escape room, then enjoy the rest of the celebration! Every one of your guests can get through our games within the time frame of your event!

2. Make lasting, unforgettable memories.

You never forget your first time in an escape room. The pure excitement and rush of being immersed in another world trying to solve the mystery. The sights and sounds, the feeling of victory, and the challenge of the game! Getting to experience this with your guests at your event is sure to create memories that will last a lifetime.

3. A unique way to showcase personality.

Each of our mobile escape rooms are immersive adventures that come to your event! We have two different styles of rooms that will fit any type of event. We can even bring some of our rooms INSIDE! All of our rooms are climate controlled so you will be comfortable no matter the environment. A mobile escape room will be the coolest thing ever that your guests have never seen before! They will surely talk about this long after the event is over.

Consider having Odyssey Mobile Escape Room entertain your guests at your next event! It is sure to be a unique and memorable experience they wont forget! We also offer add-ons like a photo booth!

If you have an upcoming event that would be awesome with an escape room, let us know! Or find out more information by sending us a message below!


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