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Buy A Mobile Axe Throwing Trailer With Odyssey

There's one thing that we know- as the world pulls itself out of COVID-19 slowly, they're going to want to have fun.

That's something that we understand. We're going to be there to provide them with the safe, crowd-cheering, bullseye-hitting fun that they've been waiting patiently for.

We want you to provide them the same fun experiences in your neck of the woods!

We are setup to provide you with everything you need and nothing you don't. That's why there are tons of options, and we're happy to customize further to give you exactly what your customer wants. Our trailers include:

  • 18' Flatbed Trailer

  • Fully Enclosed Steel Chainlink Fence helping you keep everyone safe

  • Speakers & Surround Sound for music

  • BULLSEYE Buttons! The only place to get them is right here

  • Pivoting Axis Targets for easy put up and take down

  • Heaters for those chilly months

  • Pop-up Bars on the cage to keep guests hanging out where the action is

We offer this and so much more.


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