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It's 2020- Let's Get Funky! 4 Reasons Your Wedding Needs To Have A Mobile Escape Room.

We get it- It's time to kick off the new decade with something a little bit out of the ordinary. Entertaining, memorable, and FUN, Odyssey's Mobile Escape Rooms have provided tons of unforgettable experiences to guests, and they can't get enough! Today's couples want something totally unique and memorable for their special day. Here are 4 reasons you need to have a mobile escape room at your wedding!

1. A Mobile Escape Room Is A NEW Way To Play

When you mention escape rooms, most people think of a physical location where you get a dozen people together and get stuck in a room for an hour! Although traditional escape rooms are fun, it's hard to imagine this working! Odyssey Mobile Escape Rooms has solved this problem by making the escape room mobile- and making the escape room FUN. It has wheels, so the fun comes to you.

Our mobile escape rooms are incredibly immersive- they will transport your guests to another world, right at the convenience of your venue! The games are shorter, 5 - 15 minutes, so everyone can experience the thrill of an escape room then enjoy the rest of the celebration! And have no fear, every one of your guests can get through our games within the time frame of your wedding.

Escape Trailer at the Venue!

2. Reception's Should Be Fun

Sure, we all love dancing to "Don't Stop Believing", but it gets a little stale after the 4th wedding you've attended that summer! Having a few activities besides dancing at your reception is a good way to make sure all your guests enjoy themselves. Sometimes guests want a breather from the twist and shout, and the escape room provides a great way to take a break.

3. A Unique Way To Showcase Your Personality

Truly make your wedding day "you". A mobile escape room will be the coolest thing ever that your guests have never seen before- and trust us, they will definitely talk about this long after the wedding is over. Our Mobile Escape Rooms are the perfect way to showcase your personality!

We also offer a custom experience where you can actually be part of the game! All we need is a few details like where you first met, what your song is, and we can use it as clues in the game. Your guest can have fun and learn a little about you and your special someone! We can even place you in the introduction video that your guests will see.

How's that for special?

Escape Room Trailer With Photo Booth Add On

4. Make Lasting, Unforgetable Memories

You never forget your first time in an escape room. The pure excitement and rush of being immersed in another world trying to solve the mystery. The sights and sounds, the feeling of victory, and the challenge of the game! Getting to experience this with your family and friends on your special day is sure to create memories that will last a lifetime. We can also add a digital photo booth to your package so you can capture all the memories!

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