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Summertime in Odyssey-land: FAIR time

Odyssey showing off new signage at the MD State Fair

As the summer heat dies down, it's a great time to reflect on the summer's State and County Fairs. We had some 600,000 people walk by our experience while we spent the days out at Maryland, Delaware, and local county fairs, and it's safe to say- from my very biased perspective- that they were blown away!

Between eating funnel cakes, riding the Squizzler, and playing the first escape room at any one of these fairs, everyone was treated to a blast. Most of all, the weather was great aside from a few spots! They even had a robot walking around at a few of these fairs.

Moving into the fall, we're gearing up for the busiest season yet: Weddings, Halloween Events, and a plethora of other amazing events make up the next few months. As early as this weekend, we'll be out at Suzie's Fest at Black Eyed Suzies restaurant with 1,000 friends of ours. As October rolls in, we've got events all month long with tons of amazing Halloween and Fall themes.

Stay tuned to the Odyssey Facebook where you can find out when and where we'll be. Come check us out and we're happy to buy the first round! Of hot cocoa of course- we're working after all.


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